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    The effects of the new trend in hotel design

    As globalization continues and the forever changing lifestyle of the travelers, there is an urge for designers to have new innovations of hotel designs for hoteliers to succeed in a highly competitive market.

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    An Evaluation of Current Developments in Space Tourism

    This paper discusses current developments in space tourism. First of all the current developments in the space food and beverage systems is investigated. The market demand for space tourism in the Japanese, US and Canadian markets is evaluated along with a criticism of the Abitzsch?s global space tourism demand calculation model.By HTMi Student Bikram Singh

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    The influence of waiting time to be seated in restaurants on customer satisfaction and loyalty – a case study of chain restaurants in Thailand’s department stores

    Chain restaurants in department stores and shopping malls are a growing phenomenon in Bangkok, Thailand. It is not uncommon to see customers queuing up for tables. This paper investigates the factors which influence customers to wait for tables to become available at these restaurants. By HTMi graduate Vatcharasingh, Sirintra, On.

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    Twenty-first Century Chinese Hotels: A Study of Aesthetic Labour in the Chinese Hotel Industry

    This paper explores aesthetic labour in the Chinese hotel industry through in-depth interviews with twelve senior hotel managers working in four and five star hotels in Xian, Shaanxi Province. The findings indicate that aesthetic labour does exist in the Chinese hotel industry and that it influences company policy, recruitment and training. By HTMi graduate Chen Guang Quan.

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  • risk

    Dialogue between Risk Perception and Attachment Theories – A Methodological Insight

    After September 11 notions of security were changed and terrorism was considered a staunch enemy of tourist development. Quite aside from a hermeneutic interpretation about what development really means, the present paper critically explores the limitations of risk perception theory applied in travel studies.

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    Chocolate Tourism: An Evaluation of Chocolate as a Driving Force for Tourism

    This paper explores the potential for "chocolate tourism?. A brief history of the cocoa bean and its development into chocolate is presented. The popularity of chocolate and the health consequences of chocolate consumption are investigated. By HTMi graduate Christie Simon Achoi.

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    A Study of Students Intentions to Choose Hospitality as a Future Career after an Internship in Hong Kong

    This paper investigates the impact of an internship on students’ intention s to choose the hospitality industry as their future career by examining their expectations and perceptions of the internship experience.By HTMi graduate Lau Yuk Ling.

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