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    Grounded theory as sub-set of qualitative analyses

    Qualitative data analysis, which will be referred in the latter contexts as QDA, is defined by Lewins et al. (2010) as a range of processes “whereby we move from the qualitative data that have been collected into some form of explanation, understanding or interpretation” of […]

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    Systematic Literature Review

    A systematic literature review is a review where all procedures are documented – the research audit trail of databases and search terms used is made explicit

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    A tale of four cities – Dr Clare Carruthers

    Cultural Tourism development in the UK post industrial city – towards a comprehensive model

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    What is research?

    Research is an examination of a subject from different points of view. It’s not just a trip to the library to pick up a stack of materials, or picking the first five hits from a computer search. Research is a hunt for the truth. It is getting to know a subject by reading up on it, reflecting, playing with the ideas, choosing the areas that interest you and following up on them. Research is the way you educate yourself.

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    The influence of waiting time to be seated in restaurants on customer satisfaction and loyalty – a case study of chain restaurants in Thailand’s department stores

    Chain restaurants in department stores and shopping malls are a growing phenomenon in Bangkok, Thailand. It is not uncommon to see customers queuing up for tables. This paper investigates the factors which influence customers to wait for tables to become available at these restaurants. By HTMi graduate Vatcharasingh, Sirintra, On.

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    Keynote Presentation: Online Brand Identity by Joris Merks-Benjaminsen

    Joris Merks-Benjaminsen is Head of Digital Transformation at Google, helping top 100 companies embed digital thinking into their strategies. His fresh thinking has won him prizes for Dialogue Marketer of the Year in 2012 and Best Marketing Literature of the Year in 2013. Joris was […]

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    Excerpt Presentations 15th Research Conference

    Employee Perceptions of Tipping Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies in Debt Crisis_The case of Small Businesses in Athens, Greece Hospitality Management Students Intention to Study Abroad Temporary Workplace or Lifelong Commitment The Impact of Leader Influence on Employee Performance The Influence of Cultural Diversity on the Psychological […]

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    A Reveiw of the 15th International Hospitality and Tourism Research Conference Switzerland

    The 15th International Hospitality and Tourism Research Conference Switzerland was held over a two-day period in November 2015. The conference had two main themes. The first, “Making a difference in hospitality and tourism practice” focussed on contributions of managers and leaders to an ever-changing landscape […]

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    Twenty-first Century Chinese Hotels: A Study of Aesthetic Labour in the Chinese Hotel Industry

    This paper explores aesthetic labour in the Chinese hotel industry through in-depth interviews with twelve senior hotel managers working in four and five star hotels in Xian, Shaanxi Province. The findings indicate that aesthetic labour does exist in the Chinese hotel industry and that it influences company policy, recruitment and training. By HTMi graduate Chen Guang Quan.

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    Dialogue between Risk Perception and Attachment Theories – A Methodological Insight

    After September 11 notions of security were changed and terrorism was considered a staunch enemy of tourist development. Quite aside from a hermeneutic interpretation about what development really means, the present paper critically explores the limitations of risk perception theory applied in travel studies.

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