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    IHTRCS Research Conference News @ HTMi

    We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the sixth International Hospitality and Tourism Research Conference Switzerland (IHTRCS), and we would like to sincerely thank the Keynote Speakers: Dr Sean Duffy from Letterkenny Institute of Technology Ireland, Dr Clare Carruthers and Dr Peter Bolan […]

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    Are we doing well?

    Quality is always on the minds of buyers and sellers of research, even if they sometimes don’t spend as much time thinking about it as talking about it.

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    Is there any point to ‘frivolous’ academic research?

    Is there anything to be learned from academic research on how to make the perfect slice of toast and whether monkeys can write Shakespeare?

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    FocusVision invests $2m in HD focus group video streaming

    US— Fancy watching focus groups in high definition? FocusVision is upgrading its videostreaming technology to enable HD transmission of audio and video feeds. The company puts the cost of the technology upgrade at more than $2m. It says “a crisper image” will give research agencies […]

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    Web science: Exploring the network without guesswork

    An international meeting intended to bring academic scrutiny to bear on a seemingly unstoppable force.

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    The research behind the research

    The volume of research-on-research at the annual conference of AAPOR (the American Association for Public Opinion Research) is without parallel in the industry.

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    Online qual – always read the label

    It seems like quallies will make use of any suitable approach to reach the answer. Which is why it seemed significant that, when it came to the presentations about online qual, there was a general sense of resistance, or even hostility.

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    Don’t mention the ISO

    An online discussion of the relevance of ISO standards to the US research industry has generated plenty of heat, but not much light.

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    Group dynamic

    In 1999 Rover bragged about ignoring focus group findings...Eleven years later, focus groups thrive and we all know what happened to Rover.

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