IHRCS Conference April 2016

The International Hospitality Research Centre is proud to announce the 17th biannual research conference on the 21th and 22th April. The conference will take place at the HTMi Switzerland campus, Soerenberg situated in the serene Entlebuch Biosphere.

The overarching theme of the conference centers on making a difference in tourism and hospitality operations through quality research and education. This overarching theme sees contributions to two strands: “Making a difference in hospitality and tourism practice” and “Quality in contemporary hospitality education and research”.

A wide range of keynote speakers and presenters will be present not only from industry, but the wider field of tourism research. Naturally, valuable and excellent contributions from our students will be made, who are heavily involved in researching contemporary issues that contribute to the global hospitality and tourism industry.

We all look forward to this event and will release publications immediately after the conference.org45367