What is research?

What is research?

Research is an examination of a subject from different points of view. It’s not just a trip to the library to pick up a stack of materials, or picking the first five hits from a computer search. Research is a hunt for the truth. It is getting to know a subject by reading up on it, reflecting, playing with the ideas, choosing the areas that interest you and following up on them. Research is the way you educate yourself.

The purpose of research is also to provide individuals with the opportunity to apply their theoretical understanding of the research process together with other knowledge, skills and experiences acquired throughout their course to the formulation of researchable questions or the review of a distinct academic area.

Some steps to consider:

1.What should you accomplish in your research paper? (Consider your teacher’s purpose in assigning the research project. What does s/he hope you will learn about the topic, or about the process of conducting research?) Check the assignment prompt for guidance.

2. Should you identify an arguable issue?

3.Should you show a range of positions? (Most argument essays benefit from considering – and refuting – counterarguments.)

4.How will your topic reflect the concerns of the course?

5.Who are you writing for? (Who should be able to understand your paper, your teacher and other students in your class or a more general audience?)