What is a research proposal?

  • What is a research proposal?

    The research proposal is simply a suggestion on the manner in which you will want your thesis to appear. For every college or academic writer wishing to compose a thesis, a research proposal and its accom panying research proposal format will always be needed. This is often a requirement of every department and there are various ways of writing a research proposal, developing a research proposal and submitting the research proposal.

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  • Plagiarism and Referencing

    Plagiarism originates from the Latin word plagiaries meaning “kidnapper”. It is also considered as academic theft and is a growing concern in academia as the number of students engaging in plagiarism is growing and the internet presents as a facilitator in this. However, students do not always plagiarise deliberately, therefore it is important to highlight what is considered as plagiarism and ways in which to prevent it. Plagiarism must be prevented at all levels of academic life.

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